At MtE we work with women who are looking for more — more money, independence, time, satisfaction, and work that they are uniquely suited to do. We believe that women are More than Enough as they are, and that they deserve More than Enough in their professional lives.

Problem: Our schools – even at the collegiate and graduate levels – prepare students to get jobs, not create meaningful, paid work that reflects their talent and abilities. Our systems – political and economic – do not pay women equal wages, and consistently keep them out of the most influential positions. Our socialization processes – how girls are raised into women – promote safety and security over taking calculated risks. All of these leave women without the skills, income, access, or outlook they need to build wealth in our global economy.

Solution: MtE provides professional women with executive advisory services and learning opportunities that support their professional success. These include how to build and grow business infrastructure, design effective processes, understand and use data to meet business outcomes (business intelligence), raise money, craft compelling speeches, and increase emotional intelligence (with an emphasis on leadership and management training).

We are here for you. You are More Than Enough.

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