Dr. Ali Hill crafts keynote speeches and presentations for schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and trade associations. She specializes in the area of relationships with the self and others. All of her presentations are customized for each audience.

Past talks include:

  • Cultivating Clients: Tips and Tools to Give You an Edge in the Connection Economy
  • Your Personal Brand: Curate How the World Sees You
  • Managing Relational Aggression and Bullying in Schools and the Workplace
  • The Power of Your Digital Footprint
  • Parenting Tweens and Teens in the Digital Age

To connect with Dr. Hill about speaking engagements, please email her at ali@dralihill.com

“Dr. Ali spoke before Smart Women, Smart Choices in May 2017 in Centennial, CO.  She spoke on creating your personal brand.  The women there were both professional and non-professional, ranging in age from 25 to 83.  What an incredible talk!  With so much experience in a world where one can get swallowed by all the social venues, she was so helpful in helping us focus on what really counts to effectively identify who we are and how we want to be perceived by others.   It takes extensive knowledge and experience to effectively get that across and she is more than effective, she spoke not only to all of us, she spoke to each one of us. We could have listened to her all night! Thank you, Ali!”

Ora DeMorrow

Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch