“Ali is a true innovator, and an incredibly hard worker – no challenge is too big for her! She made lasting change at the J. She’s a pleasure to be around and work with, always adding needed humor and perspective.”


Samantha Raizen Walsh

Assistant Director of Development, Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center

Dr. Ali is a big thinker wearing “sensible shoes.”… she moves the world to a better place with her talent and relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Paul Reynolds

Co-Founder and President, FableVision

Where most specialists on the topic and media outlets seem keen on sensationalizing for their own gain, Dr. Ali gave us a practical and optimistic point of view, which gave… parents and kids a better place to start from.

Amy Fiore

Managing Director, TADA! Youth Theater

“Working for Dr. Ali was truly a pleasure, and I have learned a lot under her leadership. Her combination of people skills, analytical thinking, and business sense gives her the ability to make informed decisions that guide a company in the right direction. Her dedication, passion, and heart help solve the toughest business challenges while supporting her team and enabling their strengths.”

Adam Zandman

Director of Marketing , Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center