Painless Parenting: How to Stop Screaming, Start Talking, and Connect with your Teen & Tween

No human connection is more meaningful than that between a parent and child. And while we want to provide a happy and healthy environment for our kids to grow up in, how we engage with them is about much more than their childhoods.

Why? Because the way we raise our children determines who they’ll become as adults. And when you think about raising adults, not “just” raising kids, the stakes get even higher.

Enter Painless Parenting: a course that provides you with the tools, scripts, and strategies you need to better connect with your teens and tweens. Everything you’ll learn is research-based. Everything you’ll learn will help you create the family dynamic you’ve always wanted.

10 classes, a lifetime of change. Are you ready?

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“I love the format. The videos are really helpful even without tweens (yet) – good for marriage, too!”

Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN

“You’ve already helped me. And planted seeds and made me aware of things I wasn’t really conscious of thinking about.”

Margo Aaron

“Kids and parents really need this foundation. I Wish I had this when my kids were growing up. Things would have been a lot calmer in my house.”

Nancy First

Better relationships with your teens and tweens start here. Put an end to the screaming. Start creating connections that last.